Hotel Vladivostok

I just got published in Adventure Bike Rider!

It’s the story of my trip almost failing in the Russian far-east, then being rescued and the magnificent joy of reaching Vladivostok.


Here is the team of mechanics who helped me:

And here is my proudest ever moment:






The Altai – On-bike video

When I rode around the world in 2009 I had two bullet cams on the bike – one forward, one rear. Camera technology back in those days wasn’t great, and this was the best system that I could afford that was also capable of being hard-wired for power and with bar-mounted controls, but sadly it broke very early on and all the footage is out of focus. At the time, on the road, the only way I could preview the footage was on a 2 inch LCD and at that size it looked fine.

GoPro had only just come into existence back then, and HD, full HD or 4k had never been heard of, but still it’s a shame that it came out so badly. Still, sped up a bit, and best viewed in a small window, it does remind me how amazing it was to do that trip.

This video still needs cleaning up and stabilising but it shows some of the Altai region of Russia as we approached the Mongolian border.

Incredible views, superb roads, hardly anyone else there and the most incredible wild camping I’ve ever found.

This video represents just a few fragments of one day of riding from a trip lasting 147 days, with the majority of days involving riding for 8 to 12 hours.

There’s a lot more video to come, it’s just a very slow process to edit, enhance, stabilize, etc. Eventually there will be videos covering the entire trip.

The Altai by motorcycle from Alistair Todd on Vimeo.

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