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Day 43 Riga, Latvia

Day 43 Riga, Latvia, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Tallinn’s old town? Wonderful. The rest of Estonia? Shite. Photo shows the most interesting thing I saw all day, when after finding no reason to stop, no place to stop, and nothing to see, the planned three day trip dissolves to one. It’s a long day with a late dash through heavy rain (Estonian rain would kick Norwegian rain’s arse) and hassle finding accommodation (that’s another thing – Estonia doesn’t seem to have any campsites, apart from one that was hosting a private party), because I’m days earlier than my booking at the hostel and I arrive in town late anyway. But now I’m in Latvia (which looks extremely post-soviet) and poor old Estonia is history.

Day 42 Tallinn

Day 42 Tallinn, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

I was going to post another cliched photo of the red roofs of the old town, and it is very photogenic, but I thought it’s more interesting that you can eat bear round these parts. I had bear in Helsinki, so I’m enjoying something I haven’t had (not properly genuine ones at least), since leaving Russia on the original trip – Pelmeni (Russian dumplings), only slightly spoiled by the break-dancing in the town square which isn’t really in keeping with the historic atmosphere, but which isn’t as bad as the talentless arseholes who sit around tunelessly thumping bongo drums….