Day 35 Kayaking and hiking in the Finnish wilderness

Proper wilderness stuff with endless pine and spruce forests, lakes, rivers, bears, elk and wolves. Didn’t see those but did see a reindeer, happily munching at the swampy bushes and ignoring the hikers. Not a biking day so it doesn’t count, but still a nice place to be and great to experience some Finnishness in a wonderful landscape with wonderful t-shirt weather after yesterday’s 7 degrees. And after the exertion of kayaking through the wilderness, a restorative sauna (that’s "sah-oo-na", not "sorner") and a relaxing beer (the Finns do a much better beer than the Norwegians and Swedish), with a view over the expansive forest while I read the guide book and prepare to be back on the road tomorrow (when it will no doubt rain again).